PhDr [ PhDoctor ]

Writing coach.
Research guide.
Interdisciplinary advisor.

Is your thesis sick? Advisor over-booked and inaccessible? Or are you a time-starved prof with a backlog of grants and unfinished creative projects?

As a former tenure-track faculty, I can help. I offer supportive capacity-building one-on-one meetings to help jumpstart stalled projects, rehabilitate paralyzed mindsets, and organize apparent chaos.

Thesis or writing projects of any discipline, any kind, anywhere.
Grants, proposals, articles, fiction, poetry, magnum opuses, etc.


PhDr Services are one-hour one-on-one appointments offered in-person or thru zoom. Hourly rate is $100CAD. After a preliminary session, appointments are sold in packets of 5 or 10.

Who am I?

David Jhave Johnston is the author-programmer of ReRites (Anteism Books, 2019), the theoretical-history Aesthetic Animism: Digital Poetry's Ontological Implications (MIT Press, 2016), and multiple journal and essay contributions.

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